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Wayne Heidle standing in weeds to promote his Business Consulting Business

Wayne Heidle is a public figure based in Houston, TX.  He is a public speaker, business coach and author who utilizes his life experiences as a successful executive, college professor (without a degree) and national speaker on the struggles of rebuilding life from the ground up for sustained Personal and Business Growth.

Wayne Heidle
Business Coach and Motivational Speaker

 Small Business Consulting & Coaching

Taking Your Small or Medium Size Business

"Out of the Weeds"

For a more
Business Approach.

We assist small and medium-sized businesses with an overall review of Business Practices, Employees, Management, Sales, and Marketing to ensure future SUCCESS in a new Business World.

The weeds: In a business context, the term "weeds" is often used metaphorically to refer to various challenges, distractions, or inefficiencies that hinder the smooth operation and growth of a business.

The Unbroken Man Book by Wayne Heidle

Join Wayne on an adventure through life from extreme struggles to great success.  A man who has remade himself multiple times, facing all odds.  Wayne will show you that no matter what life brings your way there is always a way to the top. It just takes believing in yourself.   

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