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Wayne Heidle standing in weeds to promote his Business Consulting Business

Wayne G. Heidle
Business Coach and Motivational Speaker

 Small Business Consulting & Coaching

Taking Your Small or Medium Size Business

"Out of the Weeds"

For a more
Business Approach.

We assist small and medium-sized businesses with an overall review of Business Practices, Employees, Management, Sales, and Marketing to ensure future SUCCESS in a new Business World.

The weeds: In a business context, the term "weeds" is often used metaphorically to refer to various challenges, distractions, or inefficiencies that hinder the smooth operation and growth of a business.

Wayne Heidle is a public figure based in Houston, TX.  He is a public speaker, business coach and author who utilizes his life experiences as a successful executive, college professor (without a degree) and national speaker on the struggles of rebuilding life from the ground up for sustained Personal and Business Growth.

Unbroken Man

The Book

The book about an unusual life that went from a life of drugs to become a personal Assistant, Senior Executive for major Construction Companies, then losing sight and then becoming an Assistant Professor and University Director (without a degree). One life, one fabulous journey and it's not over yet!

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