Keynote Speeches

Known as the “Professor of Motivational and Inspirational Speaking”, my keynote speeches provide a motivational and inspirational insight to what life can be like if a person wants to succeed in life even when major obstacles occur. This message about finding that “Inner Super Hero” that is in all of us to succeed in life, with or without a disability.  As an accomplished storyteller, I believe in a strong lead story to captivate the audience’s attention using motivation, inspiration, and humor.


My personal story is about using emotional intelligence (EI) and self-empowerment (SE) combined as "Lead to Succeed" (LS) principles to overcome extreme vision loss and losing a valued executive career. Using these practiced principles enabled me to reinvent my life and succeed as an assistant professor (without a degree) in a postgraduate university teaching in two colleges, a university director, and a nationwide motivational and inspirational speaker. 

Join me today to learn how finding "Your Inner Super Hero" will improve your personal outlook on life. Follow my "Lead to Succeed" principles to change the lives of everyone a person encounters including coworkers, managers, customers, clients, and patients. Finding "Your Inner Super Hero" as an employee or manager will not only change an individual’s financial bottom line but the bottom line of the business or organization where they work.

Find "Your Inner Super Hero" and make a difference every day!!!!!

"The Professor of Motivational & Inspirational Speaking"

Speaking on Self-Empowerment and  Emotional Intelligence


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