What Clients are Saying ......


Dear Wayne,


YOU KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK!!!!!  You were FANTASTIC!!!  You amaze me because you manage to keep making this presentation better and better.  I don’t know HOW you do it!!!


We MUST have you again next year.  We must!!!!  Eryn will get you the date for the next Spring Admissions Open House. 


Thank you Wayne, really.  You have such a generous and warm spirit.  We are so blessed to have you speak at this event.


Most Sincerely,


Jane Ann Munroe, O.D.

Assistant Dean of Admissions

Marshall B. Ketchum University

Southern California College of Optometry

Mr. Heidle was the motivational speaker for our recent district convention. I have never enjoyed a speaker more than Mr. Heidle. He was bright, witty, and energetic! He was also able to think on his feet and captivate the audience with his timely jokes. If you have not heard Mr. Heidle, I highly recommend inviting him to speak at your work or service organization.


Judy Barr

Lions Club International

District L4L


I want to thank you for presenting at our District’s 5th Annual Classified Professional Development Day, “We Are Vista Everyday – 100 Years and Beyond” on January 13, 2017. We had over 800 classified employees attend sessions that day. The feedback surveys from our employees indicate it was an extremely beneficial day. I greatly appreciate you supporting our training day.

Thank you for sharing your expertise!

Kyle C. Ruggles, EdD
Director of Human Relations

and Certificated Personnel

Wayne is an inspiration to all !

The contracted speaker we had for our school district staff unemployment insurance seminar cancelled due to an emergency. We were so fortunate to have found Wayne. He was our lunch speaker. I have never seen people so engaged in a speaker during lunch. He held their attention the whole time he was speaking. He inspired us with his life experiences and motivational stories. He enlightened us with technology devices we had no idea existed. His humor was a definite plus. I would highly recommend him as a motivational or technology speaker. We hope to have him again in the future."

Michelle Carrillo


Unemployment Insurance Technical Subcommittee


“Mr. Heidle was engaging and relatable".  We enjoyed hearing his personal stories about his loss of vision and appreciated his openness about a subject that is so near to his heart.  Mr. Heidle’s stories were funny and interesting, accented with Poncho’s (his guide dog) snores from the back of the room.  Mr. Heidle also engaged the audience with innovative technology that offered a lot of room for growth and exploration. It was great hosting Mr. Heidle and Poncho on our campus!”


We also want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak with us. It was a great pleasure and we have had great feedback from the club!


Yen Sou

OEP Club

I have had the pleasure of knowing Wayne Heidle over the last nine years. He has been a presenter at many of the on-campus events formatted to attract potential optometry students. I am pleased to write this recommendation on his behalf. In my role as Assistant Dean of Admissions, I routinely speak to various audiences about the profession. I make it a point to study other speaker’s style. Mr. Heidle is a speaker whom I have studied. He uses humor effectively with great timing, he conveys feeling in his presentation, and he is animated and personable as he speaks. But above all, he has a wonderful message and rich context as a result of his story and how he has triumphed over his circumstances.


Mr. Heidle is the permanent featured speaker at an event The Office of Admissions hosts every year, the Spring Admissions Open House. We routinely host close to 300 guests. Wayne is a big hit, which I have learned from post-event survey feedback and also, when attendees convert to applicants and write about their experience of hearing Mr. Heidle speak in personal statements, it is always with enthusiasm and compliments. I cannot recommend Mr. Heidle more highly.

Dr. Jane Ann Monroe
Assistant Dean of Admissions 
Southern California College of Optometry 


I have known Wayne Heidle for more than four years and can personally attest to his skills and eloquence in public speaking. Wayne has a vast amount of knowledge of the blind world. He delivers his personal testimony, as to how his life and priorities have changed, with wit and insight. We have asked Wayne to speak to approximately 200 corporate supporters from Microsoft at a Dinner held in Orange County. He did a wonderful job with his public speaking and was very well received.


I am a member of sorority alumnae organization, Delta Gamma, whose mission is to help the blind. We have an annual breakfast for more than 500 women in Orange County and Wayne was asked to be our keynote speaker. He held the interest of all the women as he explained the scientific advances in the world of technology to help the blind. His humor and kindness were evident as he addressed the audience of volunteers, college students and philanthropists. Wayne is an excellent speaker and is very knowledgeable in the field of technology. I highly recommend him.

Kathleen Buehler

President and Executive 
Director Blind Children’s

Learning Center 

I have worked with Wayne Heidle for over ten years during his capacity as a volunteer within the low vision rehabilitation clinical service at the Southern California College of Optometry/Ketchum University. When I first met Wayne he was my patient and he was in a dark place in life but something about him struck me - I saw such potential in him for inspiring and teaching others with vision loss. During one of his visits with me I told him that he must help me in the low vision clinic. I had no budget to hire him but I asked him to volunteer to help other patients – specifically teaching patients about technology and adaptive software. He began a journey then that is truly inspirational. His story of vision loss and his remarkable fortitude for life was an inspiration to me ten years ago and he continues to inspire me today.


What started as a volunteer training position quickly grew as Wayne demonstrated an incredible gift of inspiring others. Not only did he counsel people who were on a journey of vision loss, he started speaking to large groups of people and telling his own story. In the beginning, I would be fortunate to speak alongside Wayne in my classes as he would guest speak for 100 optometry students. Those early speaking engagements turned into audiences for faculty, for community leaders, for hospital physicians. Wayne could speak to any audience and engage them in a personal and direct way. He would have the audience laughing one minute and crying the next. All of these forums were not aimed at Wayne’s entertainment or to gain popularity, Wayne had a story to tell that burned inside him and when others heard it, they too were inspired to live life more fully. His story was that of hope…there are many versions and journeys of hope that Wayne can describe but it always comes back to seizing the moment, getting up off of a couch, and moving with purpose toward a positive path.


Wayne has supported individuals on the brink of suicide to reaching groups of 100 who were searching for answers about vision loss. As you can tell, I highly recommend Wayne for any opportunity to share his story of hope to broader audiences. No one has ever regretted asking Wayne to speak to their group. I am still inspired every time I hear him and I am honored that I had the opportunity to be in Wayne’s life at a pivotal moment that related to his own hope journey. You must hear him tell it.

Rebecca Kammer OD, PhD
FAAO, Diplomate in Low Vision 
Founder, Kammer Consulting