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Unbroken Man is the answer to lingering questions that continually haunted me through my life. I lost most of the use of my eyes, my executive career vanished, and I received an indictment on federal fraud and conspiracy charges facing over thirty-six years in prison. With the combination of these devastating events all at one time, I believed that I was most the written definition of a broken man.

The day the doctor told me I was going blind, I felt like a broken man. The days I started feeling the effects of my blindness and could no longer hold my executive position was strike two and I broke all over again. Strike three was the day my life broke for what I thought was the last and final time—the overwhelming day of my federal indictment and facing thirty-six years in prison. At that point, I had no career, I was legally blind, and I was facing the rest of my life behind bars. The real meaning of my life was broken to the core, and I knew it. Then, after pronouncing my life over after strike three, I hit the biggest home run of my life. That home run was the day I became a volunteer mentor to others, and I faced my deepest fears through theirs. I started repairing my broken life by listening to the broken lives of others. Those days of sympathizing with other people’s problems while ignoring and masking my own became the cornerstone of my new life and what I believed was a new career in volunteerism.

Then, my life changed forever as I became a national motivational public speaker, University Director, an Assistant Professor (without a degree), and technologist specialist at the largest adaptive technology center for the blind and visually impaired in California. Instead of strike four, I hit a home run that would change my life forever. Going to doctors as I had since my diagnosis was now not the focus of my life, I was now lecturing to future doctors in three colleges about specialized technologies for the blind, resources and depression that their patients often suffer from. Also, assisting patients on a daily basis in a medical clinic as a Technology Specialist in Adaptive Technology was a dream come true that I could have never thought was possible.

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